Hiring Steffan as a speaker at your next event

Steffan Surdek is a sought-after speaker on leadership, change management and co-creativity at global conferences and events.

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Steffan is a passionate storyteller who fills his keynote speeches and podcasts with real-life stories and plain talk. He has successfully delivered hundreds of hours of talks and training courses and is the coauthor of two books. Not afraid to tell it like he sees it, Steffan connects with his audiences and leaves them feeling motivated, challenged and inspired to think about their leadership in a new light.

Four reasons why people hire Steffan to speak at their event

1. He engages his audiences.
His presentation style is interactive and feels more like a conversation with the audience, rather than having just another speaker on stage presenting his material.

2. He entertains with real-life stories.
Steffan makes his topics relatable and truly gets the message across by using true stories and examples that are pulled from his years of consulting and training work with clients.

3. He customizes his presentations.
Before the event, you benefit from a session with Steffan to customize the content of the talk based on your organization’s needs.

4. He shifts people’s mindsets.
Steffan delivers thought-provoking talks that expand the participants’ perspectives by speaking facts with his own unique brand of authenticity and enthusiasm.

Steffan is trusted by many companies & events such as...

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"Steffan is an excellent speaker and his presentations are very interactive and interesting. He has the amazing ability to connect with the audience and his enthusiasm is contagious."
Preethi Subramanyam, VP Professional Development - IIBA Ottawa-Outaouais

Book Steffan as a speaker at your event or even a guest on your podcast.

Steffan Surdek
Founder of Surdek Solutions

Steffan’s passion, storytelling and interactions with your audience create a space for participants to reflect on their personal leadership styles and get inspired to lead differently. Let’s talk about having him speak at your next event to create something memorable and interesting together!

Looking for an interesting guest to have on your show? Someone who brings a rich level of conversation around a vast array of topics: leadership, change management, building capacity in organizations, team building, systemic coaching, etc.? Listen to Steffan’s past interviews and reach out to us to explore what we can do together!

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Thought-provoking conferences and talks

About Steffan Surdek: A passion for leadership

One of my life passions is talking and writing about co-creative and intentional leadership, which led me to coauthor two books. I started focusing on these terms in my leadership coaching approach after noticing the challenges faced by clients’ management teams. My own personal leadership origin story also fuels my drive to reflect on and observe the different styles of managers and leaders that surround me.

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What people are saying about Steffan’s talks.

“It is with remarkable simplicity that Steffan presents fundamental concepts that leader face on a daily basis. Each concept comes with a real-life story that makes it easy to understand...”

Yves Perreault, Revenu Québec

“Steffan is such an energetic and engaging speaker, and his passion for the topics showed. We were very impressed.”

Jean Hutton, TD Bank Financial Group

“I have seen Steffan speak several times and I am always impressed by his depth of knowledge, his speaking style and his ability to clearly get his message across.”

Stuart, Business Analyst

“Steffan has provided high-quality content for in the form of Webcasts, podcasts, and articles. He goes above and beyond in professionalism and quality.”

Yvette Francino, Site Editor -