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Transform yourself to become the kind of leader you want to be. Our retreats create safe spaces for self-discovery, personal development and team growth.

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What if we told you that great leadership emerges from being outside of your comfort zone? We know... you already know this, right? The sad truth is that many leaders such as yourself often get so caught up in their business lives they can’t find time for themselves. Finding this space in your life and investing the time is the key to help you reflect on and grow your leadership.

Your team’s growth is as important as self-growth.

Leadership teams also need time to step back and reflect. All our retreats are available for management teams who want to deepen their bonds, strengthen their relationships or build their group dynamics. We create safe spaces for your team to challenge assumptions about each other and learn to collaborate more effectively to generate profound organizational change.

We offer our retreats as multiple-day live events in your area or as virtual events that run over the course of multiple weeks.

"At Surdek Solutions, we believe great leaders grow through their own personal development. That’s why we are committed to helping you create lasting change in your life by building your leadership capacity and taking it to the next level."
Steffan Surdek, Founder - Surdek Solutions