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The Way of the Co-Creative Leader (Summer 2023)

We are excited to announce that Steffan Surdek’s new book “The Way of the Co-Creative Leader" will be available in Summer of 2023!

Why is this book essential reading for every leader? In this fast-paced business world, many leaders are faced with challenges to their leadership. Have you reached the limits of your current leadership style? Do you need a new approach?

This book teaches you how to use a brand new toolbox and key concepts to transform your way of being with your team and take your leadership to another level.

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What’s inside?
A fresh approach to leadership!

The Way of the Co-Creative Leader is the summary of Steffan Surdek’s tried and tested approach to leadership in the modern age. It includes:

  • Knowledge based on Steffan’s numerous years of experience with corporate organizations and encounters with clients
  • Insights delivered in an approachable, human and witty tone that is Steffan’s characteristic style
  • Multiple real-life stories in each chapter to make the notions more concrete
  • Short exercises you can do to help you ground the concepts in your reality

This book dives into more detail about how you can:

  • Become aware of the big lie of leadership development happening in many organizations
  • Start your leadership journey or relaunch it
  • Learn the foundational leadership principles that we teach
  • Discover what is co-creative leadership and why it matters
  • Learn and apply the five key skills of a co-creative leader
  • Begin to integrate co-creative leadership in your own life

Want to learn more now? Get an empowering introduction to the five key skills of a Co-Creative Leader in one of our upcoming online workshops.

The book is in the process of being edited and published. Be the first to get notified when it becomes available!

What people have to say about the book...

“I believe that this project was so fun because Steffan approached it as a Co-Creative Leader. I now use the 5 key skills of Co-creative Leadership in my own life in many ways, which is amazing to me.”

Andreah, Freelance Writer

“Steffan’s gift is his ability to integrate the depth and breadth of his personal and professional leadership experiences with the practical real world needs that demand leadership.”

David, Executive Coach, Mentor, Artist, Traveler, Poppy