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Learn 7 key principles for effective change leadership

In this seven-day email challenge, we will introduce you to some of the core principles we teach leaders every day to help them take their change leadership to the next level.

The content of this challenge is an introduction to the skills we teach our clients and help them put into daily practice in our Organizational Transformation Support and Transformational Leader coaching programs.

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Your organizational transformation starts with you!

Are you struggling to be an effective change agent in your workplace? Whether you are in a management role or not, it does not matter. Being a powerful change agent begins with your own self-awareness and your own personal development.

In this seven-day email challenge, you will learn:

  • One key principle every day with a short exercise to put it into practice.
  • How to experiment in a more structured way by yourself and with your team.
  • How you may have been sabotaging your own effectiveness as a change agent without even knowing it.

This email challenge will set a foundation for you around some of the notions you need to embrace to become a more effective change agent where you work!

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