Tip: Get Your Team-Building Activity To Succeed

Steffan gives advice to make your next event a success as a Forbes Coaches Council member.

Posted on March 10, 2017
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Team dynamics are a delicate thing. Getting people to work together, to communicate better and to engage towards a common goal are the main objectives for many leaders.

Team-building activities are a great way to get your people to bond outside of a purely work environment. What are some key elements you can use to make your next event a success?

Steffan answers:


"Setting the stage properly is important. What needs are you trying to meet by doing this activity together? Is everyone clear on this? Once that is set, the second most important thing for me is creating safety for the participants.

I like to do this by doing a check-in activity and then talking the group through a set of working agreements they feel they need for safety and openness."

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