Tip: Start Doing This To Become A Professional Speaker

As a Forbes Coaches Council member, Steffan shares a tip to perfect your skills as a speaker.

Posted on December 12, 2017
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If you are well-versed or skilled in a particular domain, sharing the knowledge you have gained in front of an audience can be an exciting perspective.

But for many people, it poses a central question: how can you get started in the business, especially if you have no experience as a professional?

Steffan answers:

"Get Your Message Out There"

"Invest time in getting your message out there, and capture it somehow. One of my favorites is recording myself when I do speaking engagements and then using the audio track to make short videos featuring one of my slides.

I also do some speaking engagements for free (i.e. user group meetings) when it also provides an opportunity to practice new material in front of a new audience."

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