New training partnership: Surdek Solutions and Technologia

We are teaming up to help companies kickstart their cultural transformation through our Management 3.0 training course.

Posted on June 1, 2021
Partner handshake

Montreal, May 31st, 2021 — Surdek Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our new partnership with competency development firm Technologia. To pursue our overall mission, we will be collaborating with Technologia to create, promote and deliver training courses to help professionals develop their Agile leadership skills.

Our first initiative together is to add our newly relaunched Management 3.0 course to the Technologia portfolio to make it available to their existing customers. We are also offering joint public sessions of the course through both Technologia and Surdek Solutions.

“We are very excited to bring this partnership to life! This mutually beneficial relationship will allow us to expand our reach and impact by making our knowledge available to a wider and more diverse customer base. It will also enable us to bring more value and help leaders create lasting change in their organizations,” says Steffan Surdek, Owner and Lead Coach at Surdek Solutions.

"We are happy with this collaboration with Surdek Solutions, because it aligns with our educational approach which aims to engage participants as much as possible to make them autonomous and efficient... and consequently improve business performance,” states Cyril Vulgarides, CEO of Technologia.

Since 1996, Technologia’s mission is to contribute to the success of professionals and performance of businesses by supporting the development of individual and organizational skills. Visit for more information.

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