Tip: Welcome And Inspire New, Young Hires

To make your employees' first couples of days on the job that much smoother, Steffan shares an easy onboarding technique as a Forbes Coaches Council member.

Posted on June 5, 2017
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There are tons of onboarding techniques out there, but many people are too busy to implement them. The result: new team members are quickly disillusioned.

When your new recruits are swiftly integrated into the team and are engaged in the company's culture and way of doing things, everyone (and the organization!) wins. So what is an easy onboarding technique you can use to get started?

Steffan answers:

"Have Them Work In Tandem With Others"

"One of the best ways to accelerate onboarding and learning is to pair new people up with existing employees to work on their projects and learn by seeing someone else do the work with them.

This promotes bonding, collaboration and integration as well. It is much more powerful than just assigning a mentor when you have two people actually sharing a keyboard and doing some real work together."

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