Opinion: Experiential Learning As Employee Training

As a Forbes Coaches Council member, Steffan shares a quick tidbit on making learning experiences part of the fabric of your team dynamic.

Posted on June 27, 2017
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Sometimes, there is nothing quite like rolling up your sleeves and getting into the thick of things. That is what experiential learning refers to: the act of trying something concrete in the real world.

When you give your team members the space and time to learn, that is where the magic happens. How can you apply this concept to make your team more engaged and collaborative?

Steffan answers:

"A Shared Experience Helps Develop Awareness Of Behaviors"

"A good experiential training session or workshop with a group creates a shared experience for everyone to play and learn in a safe space. We once built a city using Lego bricks, and we could see who played collaboratively with others and who hogged all the bricks.

The game allowed people to become aware of behaviors that were happening on the team in real-life. They discussed and laughed about them, too."

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