Tip: Support Your Employees' Development

As a Forbes Coaches Council member, Steffan shares how to make personal development a priority for your teams.

Posted on May 31, 2017
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Do you know any people in your organization who are holding back on their development? They always have a reason: lack of time, lack of opportunities...

When you give your team members the space to learn and grow into their leadership, everyone (and the organization!) wins. But how can you inspire people to encourage their personal development?

Steffan answers:

"Help Your Team Learn From Each Other"

"With some of my clients, we build communities of practice or peer learning groups where people can share their experiences and find people with similar challenges they can talk to.

Another option is to support development by encouraging people to learn through cross-pollination (i.e. go see what others are doing in the same field) in other areas of the company."

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