Oct 15, 2024 - Online Training

Oct 15

Oct 15, 2024 - Online Training

Management 3.0

Transform your organization’s mindset and discover how to initiate real collaboration that takes advantage of your team’s collective intelligence.

The Surdek team, in partnership with Technologia, invites you to take part in our two-day experiential training aimed at leaders and managers who want to take how they manage their teams to the next level.

Date & Time

Oct 15, 2024 — Oct 16, 2024
9:00 AM — 4:30 PM


Zoom video conference



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Now more than ever is the time to redefine your management style.

Are you a manager, agile coach, team leader or scrum master who is looking for...

  • Clarity on your role leading an Agile team?
  • Tools that allow your team to communicate and work better together?
  • Ideas on how to be a more collaborative and less directive leader with your team?
  • New approaches to lead your team without having to exert control and bring all the new ideas?

Imagine creating a work environment where:

  • Your team actively participates in performing management functions with you.
  • You can create powerful conversations with your team where they identify potential solutions and make decisions.
  • You have clarity with your team on the decisions they can make and how they need to involve you in certain decisions.
  • Your team increases their productivity and accelerates results by actively experimenting and learning by doing.
"Steffan is amazing at making people think by nudging them outside their comfort zone. We learn the material, but we learn a bit more about ourselves also. Steffan is also very good at adapting his approach to his audience."
Maurice Lefebvre, Co-founder, Go Pyrate!

What I’ve found is that many directors, managers and change leaders do not know how to create an environment that will motivate and engage their teams.

Sometimes, they feel awkward and uncomfortable because they want to enable and empower their teams, but feel their teams are passively resisting their efforts to create change. They feel overwhelmed and alone because their teams are avoiding any additional work or responsibility and they are left doing a lot of work to support their teams.This often leaves them feeling cynical about their teams or about creating positive change in the existing culture of their organization!

What I’ve found is that many directors, managers and change leaders do not know how to create an environment that will motivate and engage their teams.

The end result of not having an environment that motivates and engages employees is low productivity, low customer satisfaction and disengaged employees.

If this is you, the reality is that your workplace will not change until you learn to work with your teams differently. You need to change your mindset, learn to build the capacity of your team and teach them how to experiment in a structured way. You need to learn how to create conversations that allow your teams to talk about and find solutions to their own problems.

Only then will you begin having a workplace that engages your teams and maximizes the use of the collective intelligence already present in your organization.

Get a taste of what this experience is all about.

Watch a sneak peek of Coach Steffan Surdek’s insights on Management 3.0.

What you will get from this experience

When you take part in this training course with us, you will:

Get clarity on your new role

You will learn how to better play your role as the leader of an agile team. You will also learn how to guide your teams more dynamically using systemic thinking, as well as different ways to develop the capacity of your team.

Learn new tools

You will discover new tools to create powerful conversations with your team. These tools include Moving Motivators, Delegations poker and Delegation Boards, Competency Matrix, Meddlers and the Celebration Grid.

Work and think differently

You will learn strategies to better adapt to a world that is quickly becoming more and more volatile, uncertain and complex. You will learn how to help your team structure experiments in a way that accelerates learning, productivity and achieving results.

Get to know the coach who will be facilitating this program.

Steffan Surdek
Founder of Surdek Solutions

Steffan Surdek is an in-demand consulting principal, leadership development coach and corporate trainer. He has always been driven to expand the notion of leadership to include each member of the team. As a widely recognized consulting principal, Steffan’s work has a strong business impact, helping reshape business cultures and guiding them in becoming more collaborative and efficient. He is the founder of Surdek Solutions, a consulting and training company based in Montreal, Canada.

Steffan has over 1000 hours of experience delivering various training courses and workshops around Agile and Lean practices. He is a trained integral coach that helps people grow and develop themselves through experiential learning as well as through his leadership retreats.

Steffan is a recognized leadership expert that writes about leadership on various websites such as forbes.com, cutter.com and wellness.com among others.