Apr 17, 2024 - Coaching Program

Apr 17

Apr 17, 2024 - Coaching Program

Co-Creative Leadership Intensive I

Transform how you interact with your team in meetings by doing a deep dive with us on the first skill of a co-creative leader: Being a voice among many in the conversations.

The Surdek Team invites you to join us for this three-month unique and empowering leadership program. We will introduce you to your leadership game and will help you become a more effective leader when communicating with your team.

Date & Time

Apr 17, 2024 — Jun 26, 2024
6:30 PM — 9:00 PM
Bi-weekly call on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.


Zoom video conference



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Now more than ever, the world needs a different breed of leaders!

What are some of your biggest challenges as a leader in your team meetings?

Let me guess...

  • As soon as you bring an idea in meetings, your team runs with your ideas by default.
  • You feel you need to make all the decisions or people always turn to you for approval.
  • You feel like team members are holding back their opinions and not speaking up.
  • You feel like you are always talking and no one challenges your ideas.
  • You want to change the group dynamic but do not know how to do it.

As a leader, do you feel like you reached the limits of your current leadership style and need a new approach?

Are you willing to grow and learn a new way to lead?

Co-Creative Leadership is the answer!

Now what if in only three months, you could turn things around and create an environment in meetings where:

  • Your team members will be more willing to challenge your ideas.
  • Your team will make more decisions and take more ownership of moving things forward.
  • Your team can have real conversations in a constructive way.
  • You see situations and issues with your team from different perspectives and see more solutions to address them.
  • You can lead or participate in group discussions in a way where everyone can communicate as equals and contribute.
"Working with Steffan was refreshing and energizing. He not only inspired me to assume a more forward-leaning role within my organization, but also emphasized my responsibility to do so. The world needs more leaders. In that vein, Steffan reminded me that I have much to contribute in the workplace and wider community."
Taryn W., Project Manager, Government Organization

In over ten years doing organizational coaching, what I found is that many executives, and directors struggle having productive meetings with their leadership teams.

Sometimes, they feel awkward and uncomfortable because they see the poor team dynamics but they don’t feel equipped to coach their teams well. Often, when they try to coach their teams to be better, they actually end up making things worse in the process.

They also often feel overwhelmed by all the work on their plate and coaching their team feels like this thing they do not have time to invest in.

This often leaves these leaders feeling cynical about their teams and accepting the poor team dynamics they are unable to change.

The end result of these dysfunctional meetings is that team members reach a point where they give up and stop contributing. They avoid speaking up because they don’t want to create conflict and a never-ending discussion with no solution at the end.

If this sounds like you, the harsh reality is that your team meetings will not change until you learn to work with your teams differently. You need to be the instrument of change for your team and teach them how to communicate and collaborate together. You need to learn how to create the conversations that allow your teams to talk about the real problems and find solutions together.

Only then will you begin having meetings that engage all team members where they make decisions and take ownership of executing them.

So what are you waiting for?

A unique opportunity to learn about
Co-Creative Leadership!

What could change for you if you had a brand new toolbox to dig into to help you lead your organization? What could change if you learned some of the key concepts to transform your way of being with your team? How can you take your leadership to another level?

The content of this workshop is based on Steffan Surdek's book: "The Way of the Co-Creative Leader" available for purchase at many online bookstores. This is your opportunity to get an introduction to Co-Creative Leadership and the Five Skills of a Co-Creative Leader.

What will you get from this experience?

As a participant in this empowering three-month online workshop, you will:

Transform your leadership game

Your leadership game is your default operating system as a leader. As you work through this coaching program, you will begin to see more and more of your leadership game in action. This will help you change some of the behaviors that are currently holding you back from reaching your leadership potential.

Get time to practice and hone your skills

On every call, you will receive live practice and coaching time either in small breakout groups or with the entire group. This time allows you to get advice and coaching on how you can approach important discussions differently.

Get coaching on current real-life situations

At the start of each call, you will have time to bring up any current real-life situations you would like us to discuss during the session. This is a great opportunity for group discussion and coaching. Between calls, you can also get support from coaches and other participants through our private Facebook group.

Shift your perspective

This coaching program will introduce you to Co-Creative Leadership and the five key skills of a Co-Creative Leader. Through this program, you will learn how to start applying many of these skills in your daily life.

Learn from our experience

The approaches we teach in this program are the same ones we use ourselves when working with our existing clients. That’s how we know it actually works! Leveraging our real-life experience and knowledge will help accelerate your growth.

Get support from your peers

Participants will be grouped in triads that will work together during the sessions and meet between sessions as well.

Get to know the coach who will be facilitating this program.

Steffan Surdek
Founder of Surdek Solutions

Steffan Surdek is an in-demand consulting principal, leadership development coach and corporate trainer. He has always been driven to expand the notion of leadership to include each member of the team. As a widely recognized consulting principal, Steffan’s work has a strong business impact, helping reshape business cultures and guiding them in becoming more collaborative and efficient. He is the founder of Surdek Solutions, a consulting and training company based in Montreal, Canada.

Steffan has over 1000 hours of experience delivering various training courses and workshops around Agile and Lean practices. He is a trained integral coach that helps people grow and develop themselves through experiential learning as well as through his leadership retreats.

Steffan is a recognized leadership expert that writes about leadership on various websites such as forbes.com, cutter.com and wellness.com among others.

How does the program work?

This program means to help you develop your skills in mastering difficult conversations. It is a group coaching experience, spread over six weeks where you will have the opportunity to learn and practice some new conversational skills.In question and answer format below, here is more detail on how this coaching program works.

  • When will the calls happen and when do we start?

    For six weeks, we will meet via teleconference on Wednesday night every two weeks from 6:30pm to 9:00pm (Eastern Time).

    We will use Zoom for our calls. Each week, you will receive an e-mail reminder for the call with the link embedded within the e-mail.

    The first call will be on September 21st, 2023.

  • What will be the structure of the weekly calls?

    The calls will have the following basic structure:

    • We will start the call with a group share about what participants tried and review their key learnings since the previous call.
    • There will be a group teaching moment where we go over the topic of the call.
    • We will then have some dedicated practice time in small breakout groups or together as a large group.
    • At the end of the calls, we will do a group debrief of the key learnings on the call. We will also identify some things to practice before the next call so be prepared for homework!
  • Why are the calls in the evening?

    Our belief is that participants in any virtual coaching program that happens during the day have a higher chance of getting interrupted by their workday activities.

    Our intention is to create a bubble for you where you will be able to focus on the calls and get the most out of the program.

  • What kind of homework will there be in-between calls?

    The homework will be relatively light but aims to help you put something new into practice and learn more about your leadership game.

    For example, it may be to pay close attention to your behaviors in meetings with your team or it could be meeting with your support pod in between calls.

    We may also provide you some articles to read or videos to watch depending on the topic and discussions on the call.

  • What kind of real-life situations can I bring?

    You can bring personal or professional conversations that you want to prepare or practice as a group. Please keep in mind this is a group coaching program and that we need to answer the overall needs of the group.

    We strongly suggest though that you bring situations that are appropriate in a group context and have a manageable level of risk for you to have in real-life.

    Remember you will be in a learning and practice environment. Because of the very limited knowledge of the context you are experiencing, we accept no responsibility or liability for anything that may come out.

  • What kind of support is available?

    You will have access to the following for the duration of the coaching program:

    • Answers to your questions and discussions with the other participants in a private Facebook group.
    • The opportunity to bring real-life situations for advice or support
    • Punctual support through direct e-mail.
    • Access to recordings of all the weekly calls.
  • How many people will be in the group?

    It is important in coaching programs such as this to build a safe and intimate environment for participants because the level of sharing can get very personal.

    For this reason and to give people the maximum amount of time to practice and share, the maximum size of a group will be limited to twelve participants.

    If we have more than twelve registrations for a group, we will look at splitting the group in two to keep the groups to this maximum size.

  • Can you offer this coaching program for an internal group at my company?

    Yes, we can offer this coaching program privately. We require a minimum of five participants in order to deliver a private group.

    For private groups, we will agree on a day and time based on the availability of the participants. We can also consider a daytime slot for groups if necessary.