The time is now to step into your personal leadership

Find the inspiration you need to reignite the leadership skills already inside you.

Steffan Surdek
March 19, 2019
Step into leadership

Leadership is something that can be very hard to define sometimes. For example, the classic definition is to examine the distinction between leadership and management. In some organizations, you also need to make a distinction between leadership and directivity.

We seem to forget sometimes that leadership does not only happen at work. We bring leadership in many different aspects of our lives. As parents for example, we are leaders for our children. We may also be leaders in our community or in a sports team.

When I talk about personal leadership, I think about your ability to bring your leadership skills to all aspects of your life: from your professional life to your personal life and in everything that you involve yourself. Unfortunately, in some companies, leadership “applies” only to the people that have the right title. A good manager knows how to get the most out of the leadership of the people that surround them.

Be the leader you want to see in the world

Someone once asked me: "Steffan, I want to be a better leader. Tell me what I need to study or what I need to do." Sometimes, in the crazy, fast-paced world that we live in, we look for the easy solution. We look for a magic formula that will make us a better leader. Unfortunately, there is no secret recipe to become a leader!

Personal leadership is born out of many different things. It can come from outrage, love, despair — even passion or dedication for a cause.

Before trying a magic formula, start by getting to know yourself. What are your values? What is important for you? What do you wish to see in the world? Once you know these things, go out there in your daily life and BE the person you want to be. Live your values and people will decide for themselves if they want to follow you.

When I ask you to BE the person you want to be, I mean more than just taking actions and repeating a leadership formula. I am inviting you to live and breathe your values every single day. I am inviting you to step up and act in ways that make people see you as a living expression of your values and beliefs. I am inviting you to go out there and make the conscious choice to step into your leadership. Face your fears, brush away your excuses, go out there and BE the leader you want to be!

Remember :

  • Nothing you can do will force inspiration on people. You either inspire them or you do not.
  • You cannot force followship on people. They either will follow you or they will not.

Be consistent in your actions and what you say. Share your message and the people this resonates with will show up and they will follow you.

Make your reality happen!

In his book "Managing on the edge", Richard Pascale defined leadership this way:

Leadership is making happen what is not going to happen anyway.

The statement may feel twisted but it is actually quite powerful. Bring this back to your own personal leadership in your life. Where are you holding back from making things happen? Where are you holding back from jumping in because everyone around you says it will never happen?

And now tell me what could happen? What could happen if you started taking charge and had the courage to step into your leadership? What would be different in your life? What impact would you have on the people around you?

Taking ownership of your personal leadership implies that you are ready to step up and have the courage to make happen the things around you that were not supposed to happen anyways.

Are you looking to awaken your personal leadership or to take it to the next level? Join us at one of our upcoming events and come live a rich transformational experience with us!

How do you live your life? Do you step into your leadership or hold back on making things happen? How could you change this in your daily life?