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Our Mission

The Surdek team helps executives, directors of transformation and change agents powerfully transform their current mindset and leadership style to enable them to produce lasting change in their organizations.

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We help leaders embody the change they want to create.

You want to transform your organization in a powerful and sustainable way, but you have challenges standing in your way. Does your transformation not seem to be happening, or does it seem like you are having little to no impact? Have you reached the point where you are tired of working with upset people and dealing with their frustration?

Sens-tu que :

  • Tu n’as aucun pouvoir ou autorité aux yeux des autres?
  • Tu es seul à mener ce changement et tu n’es pas reconnu?
  • Tu es bloqué par les croyances et la culture de ton entreprise?
  • Tu es submergé par tout ce qu’il y a à faire?
  • Tu as peur que les gens ne te trouvent plus sympathique ou ne t’écoutent plus si tu continues à brasser la cage?
  • Les choses ne changeront jamais?

Let’s face the real issues together.

The reality is that nothing will change until you learn to engage people early and co-create clarity and alignment around the change you want in your organization. You need to show them how to learn by doing and integrate the transformation into their daily lives.

To do this, you need to start by developing your own personal leadership skills and change management mindset. Only then will you truly get people on board and together, bring to life the organizational transformation you are all looking for.

As a leader, are you ready to transform yourself?

This is where the Surdek team comes into play.

We help accelerate and inspire your leadership development through our collaborative, co-creative approach.

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“I recommend this event without any hesitation. I would tell people to trust the process and to dare to do it.”